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A trans Campus feat. FH Aachen | IN CIMA Formine

IN CIMA FORMINE Projects by Aachen University of Applied Sciences | Department of Architecture | Modul on Design | Prof. Thomas Tünnemann With Moritz Gnädinger · Kai Stein · Lena Nehl · Ali Kayhan · Kevin Osterkamp · Olga Kuper · Florian Dittman · Simon Rix · Melanie Heupel · Franz Plesch · Christina Plum […]

Opening A trans feat. Ellinor Euler: Fellow Lodgers

(Pioniernutzung Haus der Statistik) Made of conventional enameled wire, Ellinor Euler’s Fellow Lodgers occupy spaces. They are found either in niches and protrusions or occupy the entire space. The artist transfers graphic structures into spacial drawings. Thus individually adapted room installations are created. Ellinor Euler studied architecture in Berlin. At the same time she developed her artistic […]