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A trans feat. EX-MÊKH | Probe

8. Dezember 2019 @ 14:00 - 17:00

08.12.2019 – 31.12.2019  Schaufenster 24 hrs

EX-MÊKH   Probe

c/o Haus der Statistik, Haus D (Eingang Otto-Braun-Straße) in 10187 Berlin


Opening, Sunday, December 8, 2019   2 – 5 PM

Performance Opening EX-MÊKH   The Act


In this exhibition EX-MÊKH will show their inspiration and working method, the themes that have always been important to the collective. The preceding acts together with the collective KRAATZ during the performance weekend will be used as fertilizer for the process that will eventually result in an exhibition about the creating of an exhibition.

For this occasion, the opening of the exhibition will be a theatrical performance about their practice. EX-MÊKH starts a process in front of the public culminating in an exhibition.



Friday 6.12.2019

15:30 – 16:30 Forbes Morlock and Marian Wijnvoord: Writing on Art


Saturday 7.12.2019

16:00 Forbes Morlock and Marian Wijnvoord: Writing on Art

Writing on art is easy. Or, if not easy, safe. Forbes Morlock has written on Marian Wijnvoord’s work before, that is, he has written about Marian’s paintings before—with the distance of time, and the capacity to edit, and the foreknowledge that he liked the work. That writing was a pleasure.

But it was also safe, the painter thought. So, she has invited the writer to write literally on her work, that is, right on top of the work. She will give him the unbound leaves of a unique artist’s book, an hour, and a pen. He can make something of the painted pages—or he can ruin them.

But he will understand the danger of painting—and the risk of art.

17:00 Kees Koomen and Yorgos Dimitriadis: Tssssss K-BAM

In the context of writing The Diaries and writing down what enters his senses, Kees Koomen will now try to visualize the sounds that he hears. Working together with improvising musician Yorgos Dimitriades who will improvise on percussion and electronics, he will try to translate this sound into images.

17:30 Ellen Rodenberg and Yorgos Dimitriadis: Feed

In this “In between time”- space of the Haus der Statistik Ellen Rodenberg wants to do a performance in which she will show a working attitude. It originates from a barrel full of experiences in her studio, daily life and education which she feels to be socially and constructively useful in her functioning as a human being.

18:00 Maarten Schepers and Yorgos Dimitriadis: Stelle

Can we live in any place on Earth and call it Home? What is home? Is it the stuff that keeps us warm? Is it our past we recognize in our surroundings? Is it in the place we act to keep on living? Maarten Schepers will try to elaborate on this question in the performance he proposes.

18:30 Yorgos Dimitriadis DUO: Das Sahnehäubchen

Percussion and electronics


Sunday 8.12.2019

14:00 – 17:00 EX MÊKH: The Act (Opening)

EX-MÊKH was invited to make an exhibition in the space on the invitation of A trans which will be shown during the month of December. They came together as a collective that wants to think about the nature and process of making exhibitions. For this occasion, the opening of the exhibition will be a theatrical performance about our practice. They will start a process in front of the public culminating in an exhibition.


EX-MÊKH is the name for the collaboration of visual artists Ellen Rodenberg, Kees Koomen and Maarten Schepers. From the beginning of 2007 onwards EX-MÊKH organized exhibitions in a number of spaces, varying from small intimate rooms to large, more intimidating halls. The context in which the artworks were presented has been determined each time again.


The Network of the independent Berlin Project Spaces and Initiatives (Netzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume und –initiativen) collaborates with Haus der Statistik initiative (Initiative Haus der Statistik) within the framework of pioneer uses (Pioniernutzung). This enables various project spaces and initiatives for different uses of space, including the project space A TRANS.






8. Dezember 2019
14:00 - 17:00
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Haus der Statistik
Karl-Marx-Allee 1 (Eingang Otto-Braun-Strasse)
Berlin, 10187 Deutschland
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Isolde Nagel
Kees Koomen, Ellen Rodenberg, Maarten Schepers