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AWARD CEREMONY 16th September 2016

Freedom of Space

On Friday, the 16th of September 2016 the “Award for Art Project Spaces and Initiatives” will be presented by State Secretary Tim Renner. The event is organised by the Network of Independent Berlin Project Spaces and Initiatives on behalf of the Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs. Coinciding with the Berlin Art Week, 20 prizewinning Berlin project spaces and initiatives will have exhibitions and events in their spaces or in public.

This year´s 20 award recipients are:

A TRANSADN Pförtnerhaus-Statsion-TACHOApartment Project e.V.Art-Lab Berlin im iPhonedoctorausland / projekt archiv e.V.Berlin Community RadioBüro BDPErrant Bodies – Sound Art SpaceGroup Global 3000 e.V.grüntaler9Kulturpalast Wedding International e.V.Kunsthaus KuLe e.V.Kunstverein Neukölln e.V.LAGE EGALLettrétage e.V.Neue Berliner Räume e.V.Scriptings Showroom and publishing housesign-CIATsuper bien! gewächshaus für zeitgenössische kunstZwitschermaschine/Kulturpark 3000 e.V.

when: 16th September 2016, beginning 5:30 PM
where: Bar Babette, Karl-Marx-Allee 36, 10178 Berlin.

Freedomof Space Schrift


5:30 – 7:00 PM
Panel Discussion

“(Visual) Artist Careers in Berlin – who and what advances art production?”

Christian Kobald (Spike Art Quarterly)

Panel Discussion Participants:
Wibke Behrens (Koalition der Freien Szene, Speaker – KuPoGe),
Heinz Bude (Sociologist), Lou Favorite (Artist),
Anne Katrin Stork (Project Space Manager – super bien!)

Does art production still make sense before the background of inexplicable works and projects in the art-Mecca of Berlin? Have artists themselves missed out on progress, while they have degraded into subsidy-addicts and supplicants, or is their path through the social system already predestined on the basis of their working situation and practices? Who benefits from this situation? Is it a couple of commercial galleries, who bask before this background, but seek out hardly any points of contact? Or is it the project spaces and initiatives that take advantage of the communication-drought artists find themselves in, without delivering anything of comparable value? Are large festivals like the Berlin Biennale appropriate when almost no one of the many thousand artists in Berlin are profiting from it? What are the unions doing? What are the politicians doing? And what is the scene itself doing?

7:30 PM
Award Ceremony/Book Launch/Performance  

Following the panel discussion will be the official “Berlin Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs Award for Art Project Spaces and Initiatives 2016” ceremony led by State Secretary Tim Renner.

The award will be presented in 2016 for the fifth time. For this occasion the photo book “Freedom of Space” will be issued, which documents the inner life of project spaces and initiatives – exhibited artworks being the focus.

Grotest Maru – Timebank

Starting at 9:00 PM

u moellhusen + the feedback gents

Aérea Negrot / BPitch Control


Soulix & Marian Tone (Beatkollektiv/Wedding Soul)

Sandra (Soul You Can´t Buy It)

Exhibitions by the award recipients during of Berlin Art Week 2016

c/o Kunstpunkt Berlin
Schlegelstr. 6
10115 Berlin 

Standard Euro_InfoRaum

14.-24.09.2016, Wen-Su 2-7 PM

16.09.2016 1-7 PM
Opening: 13.09.2016, 7 PM
Artist: Anne Metzen
Curator: Isolde Nagel

Apartment Project
Apartment Project e.V.
Hertzbergstr. 13
12055 Berlin


14.-18.09.2016, 12 AM – 7 PM
Opening: 13.09.2016, 6 PM

Art-Lab Berlin
Art-Lab Berlin im iPhonedoctor
Perleberger Str. 60
10559 Berlin

The Country of Last Things

15.-18.09.2016, 2-7 PM
16.09.2016 1-7 PM
Opening: 14.09.2016, 7 PM


Artists: Larissa Sansour, Steve Sabella, Tatjana Schülke a.o.
Curators: Charlotte Bank, Salah Saouli

ausland/projektarchiv e.V.
Lychener Str. 60
10437 Berlin

Queeries Into Collective Feminisms

Fr from 1 PM, Sa and Su from 12 AM

Performances, Talks

Berlin Community Radio
Berlin Community Radio

Berlin Art Week Brunch Special
13.-18.09.2016, 11 AM – 12 PM

daily radio shows

Büro BDP
Büro BDP / Broken Dimanche Press
Mareschstr. 1
12055 Berlin

And When The Panic Rises You Shall Have This City’s Sympathy

13.-18.09.2016, 10 AM – 6 PM
Brunch reception: 17.09.2016, 10 AM – 1 PM

Artist: John Holten

Errant Bodies - Sound Art Space Errant Bodies – Sound Art Space
Kollwitzstr. 97
10435 Berlin 

Sound Matters (or: What to do with the money?)

14.-18.09.2016, 5-8 PM
16.09.2016 1-8 PM

Opening: 13.09.2016, 5 PM
Performance: 15.09.2016, 8 PM

Artists: Alex Arteaga, Mario Asef, Serge Baghdassarians, Alessandra Eramo, Ernesto Estrella Cozar, Peter Cusack, Georg Klein, Brandon LaBelle, Thom Kubli, Ines Lechleitner, Laura Mello, Jutta Ravenna, Antje Vowinckel, Jeremy Woodruff

Group Global 3000 Group Global 3000 e.V.
Leuschnerdamm 19
10999 Berlin

Menschenzeit, wir erschaffen eine neue Erdepoche!

14.09.-04.11.2016, 16.09.2016 1-4 PM,
17.09. & 18.09. 1-6 PM
Opening: 13.09.2016, 7 PM
with Matthias Pfister:

"Bilder aus der Quetschkommode"

Curators: Tom Albrecht, Robert Günther

grüntaler9 grüntaler9
Grüntaler Str. 9
13357 Berlin

In der Zeit löchern oder Rote Streifen

14.-18.09.2016, täglich 12-6 PM
Opening: 13.09.2016, 12-6 PM


Artist: Willem Wilhemus

Kunsthaus KuLe e.V.Kunsthaus KuLe e.V.
Auguststr. 10
10117 Berlin

mision mischen 88

10.-17.09.2016, 4-9 PM
16.09.2016 1-4 PM
Live-Programm: 13.09.2016, 4-9 PM

Artists: Coersvideo Mietrebellen, Clozi Wildner, Erna Porten, Franz J. Hugo, Friedel Kantaut, G.roupO.noff, HeikeMaria unVORStellBAR, Henrik Ken, Karina Amazona, Rainer Wieczorek, Richard Rabensaat, Sarah Teichmann, till van Tast, Thomas Kleinschmidt, Thomas Richartz, Thomas Reimann, Uwe Möllhusen, Viola Wandrey, Weiyi XU, Weltausstellung.


Curator: Heike Maria unVORStellBAR

Kulturpalast Wedding Kulturpalast Wedding International e.V.
Freienwalder Str. 20
13359 Berlin

Wave if you are real

13.-18.09.2016, Tue-Su 6-9:30 PM, 16.09.2016 1-4 PM
Opening: 13.09.2016, 7 PM


Artists: Fatima Njai, Mark Met, Nora Below, Silke Thoss

Kunstverein Neukölln Kunstverein Neukölln e.V.
Mainzer Str. 42
12053 Berlin


03.-18.09.2016, Tue-Sa 2-8 PM
16.09.2016 1-4 PM


Artists: Erik Nieminen, Michael H. Rohde, Philipp Hahn
Curators: Antje Gerhardt, Lars Maurmaier, René Moritz, Dr. Martin Steffens

Lage Egal LAGE EGAL, Raum für aktuelle Kunst
Danziger Str. 145
10407 Berlin

TABS 3 – Temporary Artist’s Book Shop

23.8.-18.09.2016, Thu-Sa 3-7 PM, 16.09.2016 1-4 PM

Curator: Pierre Granoux

Lettrétage Lettrétage e.V.
Mehringdamm 61
10961 Berlin

18.09.2016, 4-10 PM


Artists: Mathias Traxler, Denis Abrahams

Neue Berliner Räume Neue Berliner Räume e.V.
c/o Plattenpalast
Wolliner Str. 50
10435 Berlin

Farewell to an idea

15.09.-18.09.2016, 3-6 PM
Opening: 13.09.2016, 7 PM


Curator: Jaromir Hladík

Scriptings Scriptings
Kameruner Str. 47
13351 Berlin

Scriptings#45 Jeux de Rôles/Role Plays

17.07.-19.09.2016, 16.09.2016, 1-4 PM, 17.09.2016, 7-10 PM
Screening: 17.09.2016, 7:30 PM

Artists: Jordane Maurs, Basia Janisch

sign, CIAT sign, CIAT
Zossener Str. 34 HH
10961 Berlin

Cakes&Tarts III

18.09.2016, 3-6 PM

super bien super bien! gewächshaus für zeitgenössische kunst
Schwedter Str. 232
10435 Berlin

Beat Brogle Berlin 10092016

10.09.-04.11.2016, 13.-18.09. 2-6 PM
Performance: 17.09.2016, 7 PM

Artist: Beat Brogle
Curator: Anne Katrin Stork

Am Wassertorplatz
10999 Berlin

Brake Baby

13.09.-02.10.2016, Mo-Fr 12-6 PM
Opening: 13.09.2016, 7 PM


Artist: Stef Heidhues

Potsdamer Str. 161
10783 Berlin

Virtuelle Höhle und goldener Käfig

13.-25.09.2016, We-Fr 2-7 PM
Sa/Su 1-5 PM
16.09.2016, 1-4 PM
Opening: 13.09.2016, 7 PM
Performance: 17.09.2016, 8 PM

Artist: Adéla Součková
Curator: Elena Giulia Abbiatici

Pressemitteilung (pdf)
Veranstaltungsinformation (pdf)