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Matthias Mayer, Tiny Domingos

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05.12.14: ONE NIGHT STAND #3/Errant Bodies/General Public (german / PDF)
30.01.14: ONE NIGHT STAND #1/NOTE ON (english / PDF)
30.01.14: ONE NIGHT STAND #1/NOTE ON (german / PDF)
06.01.14: ONE NIGHT STAND #/Prologue (german / PDF)

Pressemitteilung: ONE NIGHT STAND #3 

Das Netzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume und -initiativen lädt herzlich ein zur aktuellen Veranstaltung der ONE NIGHT STAND series in Kooperation mit den KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

Errant Bodies/General Public
Foto: MJ Ourtilane

Errant Bodies/General Public
„reality is a very strong move“

Donnerstag, 11.12.14, 19 Uhr
Ort: Chora, KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin
Eintritt: 3 €
Web: www.projektraeume-berlin.net/one-night-stand/

Errant Bodies und General Public gestalten gemeinsam einen Abend im Exil mit Performances und Werken, die den Begriff von Performance benutzen. Wahlverwandschaften werden eine Rolle spielen, Beziehungen ebenso wie erweiterte Netzwerke, politisches Handeln, Musik und stumme Interventionen.

Wie verhalten sich die Kleinteiligkeiten individueller Narrationen und Biographien zu geographisch-kulturellen Historien und zu einem im Großen gedachten Gemeinsamen? Die Grenze zwischen (Selbst-)Behauptung und Infragestellung einer Existenz ist ein schmaler Grat. Man kann schmunzeln, man kann aber auch zerbrechen, wenn einem das Eigene als Fremdes entgegentritt.

Mit Gilles Aubry, Fabienne Audeoud, Antonia Baehr, Serge Baghdassarians, Graw Böckler, Chat, Kane Do, Discoteca Flaming Star, Ernesto Estrella, Deli Gleba, Akın Kazuk, Eva Meyer Keller, Käthe Kruse, Edda Kruse-Rosset, Brandon LaBelle, Michael Laurent, Ligna, Plan B, Kirsten Reese, Catarina Santos, Heidi Sill, Annette E. Stahmer, Dorothy Valence, Antje Vowinckel, Jeremy Woodruff und Ella Ziegler.
ONE NIGHT STAND ist ein Projekt der KW Institute for Contemporary Art und dem Netzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume und -initiativen. Die Kooperation möchte die Vielfalt und Qualität der Berliner Projekträume einem breiteren Publikum zugänglich machen. Die Partner laden regelmäßig einzelne oder mehrere unabhängige Projekte ein, auf den institutionellen Kontext zu reagieren und sich in einen Dialog mit diesem zu begeben: Interventionen, Performances, Lesungen, Gespräche und Vorführungen werden mit Blick auf diesen kooperativen Rahmen entwickelt. Die Serie ist so als ein experimenteller, offener Ort der Begegnung angelegt.
Koordination: Matthias Mayer, Tiny Domingos
Kontakt: ons@projektraeume-berlin.net

Press release: ONE NIGHT STAND #1/NOTE ON


In the frame of the ONE NIGHT STAND – series, a project of KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin and the Network of Berlin Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives

At the first evening of the planned ONE NIGHT STAND series the project space NOTE ON will present „Crampographies“, a critical performance and video program which reflect the potentiality of the cramp as a collective-singular collapse from a feminist and post-identitarian perspective. See below for more informations about the evening and the program.

13.02.14, 7 – 11 pm
Venue: Chora, KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin
Entrance: 3 €
Web: www.projektraeume-berlin.net/one-night-stand/

Curated by Ulrike Gerhardt, Susanne Husse and Imke Kannegiesser

In the frame of ONE NIGHT STAND, a project of KW Institute for Contemporary Art,
Berlin and the Network of Berlin Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives
FEBRUARY 13, 2014, 7 – 11 pm
KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Augustraße 69, 10117 Berlin

With Ulf Aminde & Sabine Reinfeld, Nine Budde & Natascha Rossi, Ella de Burca, Tove El, FORT, Alicia Frankovich, Andrea Fraser, Daiga Grantina, Nilbar Güreş, Faye Green, Mathilde ter Heijne, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Annika Kahrs, Dafna Maimon, Falke Pisano, Elodie Pong, Britta Thie, Michel Vvolta and Helga Wretman

Helga Wretman, Exercise Excerpt, 2012 (Videostill)

A torsion in breath, a knot in the air expanding. Choking on nothing. Retraction in relaxation. Muscular abandon. Abandoned to stitches. A curious sensation! A feat of nature! These controversial contortions are obscene, absurd. Observe the over-extension, over-exertion: explicit, inexplicable. Spurring coherence, ridiculing narrative. Disavowal of bones. stitchknotknit gripgripetwinge ribbingruckingclenching(fisting) What are we in the throes of? A matted, tangled touch. A body tongue, with a different inflection.

(You are reading me wrong.)

It is temporary, momentary. Lasting, leaping stillness. This bodily hiatus – a notch, a crutch, the crux of a contradiction. Aporetic, apoplectic. Body of seizures, body in stitches. Time cramping, collapsing, elapsing. They are – this is, all this is unrelenting, and we are in spasm, spitting, splitting (in) time. Productivity is spluttering and our muscles are muttering, syncopated stitches, a cramped-up cacophony. Don’t polarize the space between relentless and relenting – inertia is not the only option in the menace of the machinery, consuming production, producing consumption. We are not falling back in frigidity – our muscular rigidity… deranged, deranging, desiring. Not yielding, but wielding wildly, willfully: (ec)static motion. Intricate, insistent, the twist, the fist in my side packs a punch. Don’t underestimate this potent paralysis, don’t demean this fevered de-meaning, this rattling, riddling fractured friction.

How could it be ahysterical? How could it be ahistorical? Misreadings are militant, a revenge of reading. There is a regimented tabling of torsions afoot, a graphing of the grip and the wrack. They are bickering over the bend of my arm.

A wrestle, arrested. They are trying to make a system of me. Isolating, extrapolating, insistently establishing patterns, over me and over me. They are trying to conclude me, occlude me, they are trying to confine me. They are cramping my style.

But we are cottoning-on, and the in-joke is breaking out, breaking up, expanding exactly at the point of collapse. We are in stitches. The roar-body cackling, cracking, crackling. Doubled-up, doubled-over, and multiplied, becoming-other, a copy cat – it’s a bad body-double or my bad-body, doubled. I’ve got the woman’s curse, the woman’s curl. Extreme extensions. A body of wires… and I’ve been heisted, hijacked, hotwired now…

I’m in the grasp of history, too. My hysteries. Brackets unlatched… An astonishing aporia. Baffling, battling, body of protest, the no-body, knowing, now… now…

it’s bringing on a full body calamity.

How to translate these torsions differently? Dissidently? This is my radical, unreadable contribution. My trigger-body eliciting a re-citation of seizure, of suture. Is it elastic, ecstatic? How far can this stitch stretch? What can be read in the twist? No brittle-body but a body of feats. A body of phantoms. I am recurring in paradox, paroxysm passed down to me through the endless, boundless sides of my sisters. I am in the clutch, the grip of – – –

My tame frame, undone…

(I go back to reading the stitch in my side
Faye Green, (I go back to reading the stitch in my side, 2013

CRAMPOGRAPHIES are artistic acts of notation, measuring and immersion into states and topoi of physical tension that yield and resist the acceleration and exilement of the collective-singular body in capitalism. The chosen artistic performances and video works reflect and stimulate the corporeal knowledge as
well as the chaotic energy of the (world-)physical cramp from a queer-feminist perspective. NOTE ON will present KRAMPFOGRAPHIEN / CRAMPOGRAPHIES on February 13, 2014 from 7 to 11p.m. at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art and the neighboring sports field in Auguststraße (Text: NOTE ON).

7 pm: Ella de Burca (video performance)

7:30 pm: Michel Vvolta invites the Shivydra (performance)

From 8 pm: Avatar Chiefcurator Ellen Bluumenstein will be present on the sports field

8:30 – 11 pm: Video Program with Nine Budde & Natascha Rossi, Tove El, FORT, Alicia Frankovich, Andrea Fraser, Daiga Grantina, Nilbar Güreş, Faye Green, Mathilde ter Heijne, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Annika Kahrs, Dafna Maimon, Falke Pisano, Elodie Pong, Britta Thie, and Helga Wretman

For more information please visit www.noteon.de

Berlin Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives:
The Berlin Network of Independent Project Spaces and Initiatives is a loose organization of art spaces and art initiatives existing since August 2009. Its aim is to establish a long lasting structure in order to allow new ways of cooperation and exchange, to articulate political statements and to argue for an improvement of their basic working conditions.

Matthias Mayer, Tiny Domingos

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