Aktivitäten, Weitere Termine

G9 workshops: KSK: How to get my shit together

We have a new chance at G9 to offer three workshops (ranging from 20 € to free) this winter to help artists learn about the KSK and how to apply for it. These workshops are especially oriented towards artists who are queer, neurodivergent, non-German speaking and/or commonly discriminated against in Germany on the basis of race, nationality, ability and/or other vectors of identity. Details:
10 November 2023, 6-7.30pm, 20€ / 24 November 2023, 6-7.30pm, 20€ / 2 December 2023, 4-5.30pm, FREE – All located at Grüntaler9 project space, Grüntaler Str. 9, 13357 Berlin. Further information