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A trans feat. Bettina Weiß_Unter der Sonne (Under the Sun)

15. April 2021 @ 17:30

Invited to approach the themes of myth, world view, utopia, and icons in relation to space and the public sphere in an artistic way, Bettina Weiß has developed a painting installation for the A trans Vitrine.

The works are a painterly meditation on the symbolic iconic representation of the sun motif produced for this location.

The sun as the center point of our planetary system shines out of itself as the only star and is the powerhouse of all life on earth.

Every building made by humans and animals are oriented towards the light of the sun, it also sets the pace of life. Since time immemorial, the sun has been a symbol of vitality, divinity, power, and life itself – its daily return was invoked by means of cultic and magical rituals.

It has been represented in infinite forms throughout human history.

The image of the sun is like a primordial icon.

Bettina Weiß has been working for many years on a painterly pictorial language in which she intuitively explores spaces in a constructive way. Starting from mostly geometric forms, she combines different colour materials on wood or canvas supports in order to find an energy-conserving solution for each picture.

In the stage-like, underground exhibition situation of the showcase, semicircular wooden pictures are hung and placed on a coloured background in relation to each other.

The motif of the sun is quoted here as radiant and glistening in its own right, and is depicted in potentiated form in the same way that rays are often depicted as strokes.

Another form is that of the circle, which is supposed to reflect the rising and setting sun situation in various superimposed formations and colour temperatures. The use of the semicircle allows for a splintering and mirroring of one version to the other. This seems like a way to symbolize infinite variations both of representation and in terms of time and space.

Bettina Weiß lives and works as an artist in Berlin.



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15. April 2021
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