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I Would Rather Be A Lover Than A Fighter (Opening 18.11.22 // 7pm)

18. November 2022 @ 18:00 - 21:00


solo exhibition by Nadin Reschke; in curatorial collaboration with Katharina Koch & Sylvia Sadzinski; event with Seçil Yersel

Textile Installation

In her first solo exhibition in Berlin, Nadin Reschke presents a room-sized textile installation that deals with the thematic intersections of the city, gender, and sexuality.
I Would Rather Be a Lover Than a Fighter explores gender-related (discriminatory) experiences of women or FLINTA in urban space, challenges the gendering and heterosexual norming of the city in a polyphonic textile chorus, and calls for a feminist urban critique. The work began in 2019, when Nadin Reschke took her experiences in the city of Bangalore as a starting point for conversations with local women during an artist residency. How do women and FLINTA move in public and private spaces? What tactics do they use to deal with the complexity of patriarchal structures in the urban context? From these conversations, the artist developed a textile installation made up of saris and screen prints. For the Berlin extension of the work, Reschke initiated a collective process and exchange of experiences. In performative conversations, the invited women and FLINTA engaged with ideas about the extent to which the act of speaking together can represent an emancipatory, collectivizing moment. What experiences in public space have had a lasting impact on us? What individual and collective tactics have we developed in light of experiences with sexism, racism, classism and other forms of discrimination? How do we create spaces where we feel safe and comfortable?

Graphic: Stefanie Rau,

The performative conversations took place with Sumona Dhakal, Marion Fabian, Nazli Korkmaz, Sabine Küster, Anna Kirstine Linke, Ariadna Blanch Lopez, Alice Pedroletti, Seçil Yersel.
The Bangalore work was realised with contributions from Avnit, Shrunga, Devi, Arshi, Mona, Shilok, Anisha, Harshita, Sandhya, Anitha, Siri und Anna (and others), supported by 1 ShantiRoad + Goethe-Institute during »BangaloREsidency 2019«.

Nadin Reschke is a visual artist, art therapist and art facilitator. Her work focuses on creating and facilitating communication processes and situations. She lives and works in Berlin, but many of her works are created in transcultural contexts. In her work, she uses fabrics and textiles as sculptural material, as carriers of identities, of collective history and individual experiences.



Opening // 18.11.2022 // 19:00
Facebook Event:

I would rather be…
Open Talk with Seçil Yersel
// 8.12.2022 // 19:00

What have we experienced until now? What do we desire to experience from now on? Seçil Yersel is organizing an open talk, using Nadin Reschke‚s work as a starting point;
strolling through subjects of identity and expectations and trying to flow into wishes and desires. What do we imagine ourselves becoming and why?
Please come to the event with one chosen item or object that you want to talk about in
relation to the statement: »I would rather be…«. The event will be held in English.

Seçil Yersel is an artist from Istanbul currently based in Berlin. She works with and within photography, text and sound since 1994; in search of third spaces and new perceptions of place making. She is also the co-founder of the artist collective Oda Projesi.

Feminist City
Collective Reading with Nadin Reschke
// 14.1.2023 // 18:00

Let’s read and discuss texts from Leslie Kern’s book »Feminist City« and contrast them with our own experiences and positions. How do we experience the city we live in and
how should it change?
The event will be held in German and English. Please register until 10.1.2023:



alpha nova & galerie futura
Am Flutgraben 3
12435 Berlin,
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Katharina Koch & Sylvia Sadzinski
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